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50 Years of Pentecostalism in Uganda

Worship often turns into fervent testimony, shouts and song at the epitome of salvation. In Uganda that line will be chorused aimlessly, as Pentecostal churches join hands, later this year to celebrate the faithfulness of God, who has made them
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Develop Uganda, Janet Urges Professionals

THE First Lady and minister for Karamoja Affairs, Janet Museveni, has advised young professionals to use their skills to develop Uganda. Every young Christian must change the corner where God has placed them, she said. She also warned against
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Karimojong Get Free Treatment

A team of 30 Christians from Kampala has completed a medical camp in Moroto town where they treated several people as part of their contribution towards the transformation of Karamoja district. A team of 30 Christians from Kampala has completed
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Becoming Imitators of God

God has called us to imitate Him and there are many ways to do it but today we shall only look at 3 ways. To imitate means to copy or to take after a person.(Ephesians 5:1-2) You cannot imitate someone unless you know their heart and thoughts
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Get To Know God

This may sound like a statement,an offer to you from someone or even i could call it a question.why do I say that? sometimes people look at certain statements just as mere statements but to someone serious i could say a christian will look at
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