Full Gospel Church Entebbe

Get To Know God

This may sound like a statement,an offer to you from someone or even i could call it a question.why do I say that? sometimes people look at certain statements just as mere statements but to someone serious i could say a christian will look at this as an offer from God.Yes i call it an offer because it is not by our knowledge that we get to know or find God but it is by His grace,so an offer undeserved is what i call GRACE.

Many people are yearning to find God but they do not find Him, Glory be to the Lamb of God for the precious gift of his blood that has made you alive today to see his greatness.

Now a question comes to you,having found you,have you found him or got to know him?God wants us to have a good and strong relationship with him through devoting our selves to unselfish religious deeds and most of all knowing his will.

Get to know God through getting to know His will and knowing that he is always around for YOU!!!!!!

Jeremiah 33:3 call to me and i will answer…